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18 Jun 2016

You desire a subwoofer but you're on tight budget plan and you don't want to sacrifice quality? There is a subwoofer that is budget plan friendly and will provide you high-end quality noise and is practical, strong, and lasting. It's the BIC America F12 subwoofer system. With the BIC America F12 you do not get an inexpensive subwoofer; you get an inexpensive, high-end subwoofer.


What differentiates the BIC America F12? The most important component of a subwoofer is the size of the speaker cone. A lot of low-cost subwoofers have 9 or 10 inch cones. The BIC America F12 has a twelve-inch cone, which means the subwoofer is more resistant to distortion that arises from the intense vibration of low-frequency signals. Other...